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The theme for 2024 is

Come explore what awakening means for each of us, and how to access healing and growth through yoga, the chakras, meditation, food, and self-reflection!
Spring Retreat: Apr 12-14, 2024
Fall Retreat: Sep 13-15, 2024

Trout Lake Abbey
Trout Lake, WA

This year we will focus on balancing our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through yoga postures, dance, music, meditation, and discussion. We will also explore the chakras, which offer a bridge between our subconscious and conscious actions and thoughts, allowing us to understand ourselves by opening our minds to our inner sources of inspiration, personal power, wholeness, and transformation. It is a practical system for healing energy imbalances and taking control of our mental and physical health, which is relevant to all of us today as we navigate to find meaning, purpose, and a connection with our shared humanity.

Each retreat will include:


All meals are provided by Petra Knapp of Native Provisions.

There will also be time to relax, renew, and reflect by providing opportunities for connection and deep conversation, journaling, or walking the grounds of the Abbey.

"The yoga retreat is magical. The setting is as beautiful and peaceful as the mind can imagine. This quiet space combined with the different experiences of the retreat allow you time to reflect, to hear your inner voices that are often covered up by the noise of life.


I left so much lighter, with insights and tools to help me live my authentic life. and to be able to live more closely to the person I want to be. This experience is a true gift. Laurie is a true gift to our community. A thousand thank yous!"

~ Deborah T, Fall 2023 

Image by Linda Xu

Come be in community and honor the light within each and every one of you!

Registration is now open!

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Options for lodging:

  • Rooms in the B&B

  • Single-Person Huts 

  • Camping/Van  


View photos from past retreats at the Abbey

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