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 Feel your feet rooted deep in that which grounds you.    

Rise up tall and gather the lightness and joy that brings you hope, peace, and happiness. 

Let it all flow in and around your heart 
 guide you on your true path...



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Welcome to Gorge Yoga

Those of us who live in the Columbia River Gorge, nestled between two mountains, draw inspiration from the beauty and nature that surrounds us.


It infuses all that we do, including our yoga! 


In our online and in-person classes, we find lightness, joy, and peace, as well as a sense of community on and off the mat - a lovely soothing for the soul.


Come join us!

Laurie VanCott,  MSPT

Thanks for subscribing!

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Upcoming Events

Restorative Trifecta

Yoga, Acupuncture & Sound Healing

Winter 2023 (date TBA)

Bingen, WA

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A Fundraiser


Family Forest Bathing

May 2023 (date TBA)

Trout Lake, WA

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Yoga Classes


6 - 7:15pm


6 - 7:15pm


8 - 9am


8 - 9am

Donation-Based In-Person & Online

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You and your classes are critical to my well-being and mental health. It allows me to move through the world with more love, compassion and clarity.


Your yoga, and you, are such a gift to the world.

~ Kate S

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